Literacy – Are we seeing the whole picture?

Literacy skills go so much deeper than the technical skills of reading and writing. Is our profession embracing this? The session will focus on how literacy is a core component of wellbeing and self-esteem and how as a profession our focus is often on the technical issues of curriculum access. By understanding this we are better placed to support and develop the youngsters in our care.

Christopher Scorer

International Consultant, GL Education

Positive Psychology Coaching to support teacher well-being and resilience

Are you looking for ways to improve staff well-being and nurture resilience in your team? This session is designed to help educators and leaders apply positive psychology principles and coaching tools to enhance staff well-being and performance. Participants will learn about the importance of a strengths-based approach and will discover practical ways to nurture their staff. Findings and practical implications will be shared from a research study conducted with teachers across 6 schools in China.

Dean Clayden

International Consultant, GL Education

ADHD Revealed

What is ADHD?
What are causes of the difficulties?
What can we do to make it better?

Davy Guo

Chief Psychologist, Mindspring Clinics

Perspectives to be changed-Understanding and making peace with our emotions

Emotional wellbeing is a critical aspect of one’s overall mental health. Enhancing that of all students has been a key part of the SEL framework for many educators. Yet students and their families, as well as educators still experience so much difficulties with this topic. Maybe it’s worth us taking a deeper look at the perspectives we hold towards our emotions and our relationship with our emotions. The path toward inner peace and wholeness requires making peace with our emotions rather than trying to get rid of those ones that we don’t like. Through this talk, the audience will first learn about the nature of emotions, and be guided to think about how a perspective change could be helpful to better make peace with emotions. After all, by promoting emotional wellbeing, people could have better relationship with others, navigate life challenges more effectively, and contribute to their overall mental health.

Siyue (Mooney) Niu

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Mindspring Clinic

Pupil wellbeing in times of change

In this presentation we will explore how to use PASS data in a sophisticated manner to identify and improve the culture of pupil wellbeing in schools.

Toby Roundell

Principal Deputy Head, Harrow International School Shanghai

The brilliant basics toolkit for pupil wellbeing.. and more.

This presentation provides an overview of fundamental principles of pupil wellbeing, including
personal, social, and emotional development. Attendees will learn about contributing factors such as pupil voice, social relationships, physical activity, and emotional regulation. Practical tips will be
shared on how to support pupil wellbeing, including learning spaces, curriculum practice, progression and balance using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The presentation will also discuss the importance of laying foundations before advancing to more advanced needs and strategies for collaboration between schools and families. This session is ideal for educators looking to review their pupil wellbeing provision.

Matthew Rosolemos

Year 4 Class Teacher – Head of Pupil Wellbeing and PSHE, Wellington College International Hangzhou



Jing Cao

Medical Director, Mindspring Clinic

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