Who wants to be a millionaire?

When will you retire? How much money do you need? How will you save this much? Have you thought about investing? Come to this session to find out how you can work out how much money you need for retirement and how you can get there without paying huge fees to financial advisers. Find out about index fund investing and the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement. You will wonder why you haven’t heard about this before and why everyone isn’t talking about it!

Lana Kulas

Second Master, Huili School Shanghai

Simon Kenworthy

Master, Huili School Nantong

Positive Psychology Coaching to support teacher well-being and resilience

Are you looking for ways to improve staff well-being and nurture resilience in your team? This session is designed to help educators and leaders apply positive psychology principles and coaching tools to enhance staff well-being and performance. Participants will learn about the importance of a strengths-based approach and will discover practical ways to nurture their staff. Findings and practical implications will be shared from a research study conducted with teachers across 6 schools in China.

Dean Clayden

Education Consultant, Wellington College China

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