Spatial Wonders: Building STEM Foundations in the Early Years

Through this workshop, participants will:

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the foundational principles of spatial reasoning, and its connections to early STEM skills. Additionally, it will offer practical and effective strategies for integrating spatial reasoning into early years STEM education.

Lola Alvarez

PK Teacher and Reggio Emilia Coordinator, Shanghai American School

Creating challenging and authentic STEM engagements for Elementary learners.

During this interactive workshop, authentic examples of child-initiated inquiries are shared with a focus on STEM and sustainability. Seizing those teachable moments, we will reflect on how each project is transdisciplinary, promotes the development of learning dispositions and concepts as well as covering curriculum standards and benchmarks. How can we create environments that support student agency across all age groups and contexts? Participates will be invited to collaborate and develop ideas for further possible inquiries.

Joanna Moffett

Early Childhood Educator, Shanghai American School

Kinetic Quests- Crafting High-Quality Outdoor Learning for Optimal Child Wellness

This session focuses on the crucial role of physical activity and outdoor learning in promoting children’s holistic development, wellbeing, and success. Attendees will learn practical tips and strategies to ensure all aspects of the Kinetic Scale (sensory, reflexes, motor skills, language and behavior) are addressed through “kinetic quests” that foster cognitive development. It also highlights the importance of high-quality adult interactions with children to support their play, metacognition, and learning. Using the Kinetic Scale as a visual tool, practitioners can craft high-quality outdoor learning adventures that cater to the diverse needs of learners for optimal cognitive development and learning outcomes.

Monica Mukherjee

Head of Early Years – Group Support, Wellington College China

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