Chinese schools going global

An overview of Venture’s latest research into the growth of different models of Chinese schools around the world; and what that means for the future of the global international school sector.

Julian Fisher

Cofounder, Venture Education

Metamorphoses – Changing Definitions of International Education and What It Means for our Schools

This session will explore traditional typologies and definitions of international schools, and ways these are evolving to represent the shifting landscape in international education in China and Asia more broadly. This is seen in the shift to an emphasis increasingly on a local rather than expat demographic, as well the challenges presented by compliance in bilingual contexts. This session will look at synergies between different types of schools and ways these inform the way forward for the sector, with an onus on how we can intentionally create value-driven communities, which centre the identities, experiences and values of our students.

Simon Probert

Deputy Head, Harrow Shanghai

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